USEP vs tariff rate

USEP (provisional and final), tariff rate and demand

  1. This site allows you to monitor the EMA/EMC Open Electricity Market (ie, wholesale electricity) demand and USEP rate
  2. Tariff rate extracted from Price indicated is before GST
  3. All other data compiled from
  4. Red/blue are "provisional" price and demand, updated every 30 mins
  5. Yellow/green are "final" price and demand---EMC publishes "final" values six business days after the trading day
    • This is why the yellow/green areas in the second chart take longer to catch-up with red/blue
  6. The amount of red/yellow and green/blue overlaps will tell you if EMC's "final" and "provisional" numbers differ
    • I only started collecting data sometime in the middle of week 42, year 2021 after I almost fell off my chair seeing the USEP price escalate
      • Thus, the section where red/yellow and green/blue overlap is not as long as what I would like, but this will get longer as time passes; be patient!
    • The data at this point in time suggest the "provisional" numbers more-or-less become "final" values
  7. You can estimate your billing rate by looking at the average USEP, final value in the second chart when your billing date approaches. This chart is a moving four-weeks average so it is a good estimate
    • Always nice to have an estimate before your bill arrives so you can arrange to land on something soft in case you fall off your chair :-)
    • The 95-percentile doesn't seem to be a good estimate, but that's a good thing!
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